Benefits of Upper Cervical Corrections for Athletes

How Neck Pain Can Affect an Athlete

When playing a sport, working out regularly, or participating in high-intensity activities, maintaining health and keeping the body aligned are vital to performance and preventing injuries. An athlete will often experience an injury that can affect their long-term career if professional and take away from playing time.

If not treated properly, injuries can quickly occur and turn into a chronic situation. Regular playing of sports puts a lot of wear and tear on the neck muscles and joints, and without proper care, it can lead to other side effects like headaches and neck pain.

Salt Lake City is full of athletes meaning the city experiences a high volume of sports-related injuries and requires therapy like neck and headache treatments. There is a reason why professional sports teams hire chiropractors to assist the athletes during a season. Constantly exerting the body in extreme and physically demanding sports makes it much more crucial to seek an upper cervical chiropractor to tend injuries and speed up the recovery time.

Most injuries that athletes suffer from are in the upper spine and head area, so treating the issue with upper cervical corrections can improve performance and reduce pain.

Don’t Resort to Prescription Drugs

The last thing the body needs is more chemicals to attempt to solve injuries or pain. Headaches and neck discomfort are commonly thought to be solved by taking medicine to reduce pain, but this form of relief is only temporary. Injuries are often overlooked, but it is vitally important for athletes to invest in proper therapy. Headache treatments In Salt Lake City are readily available, but upper cervical chiropractic care, which can significantly improve neck soreness and headaches, targets the root of many underlying issues.

Finding the right solution for treating injuries, discomfort, and pain is a large part of an athlete’s life. Upper cervical care focuses on realigning the two bones in the upper neck, which, when misaligned, can put the body under stress and discomfort.

For an athlete, it can significantly affect their performance and lead to further injuries. Fixing the issue from the neck can provide relief to the rest of the body, like the neck, back, hips, knees, and feet. Muscle strains, tightness, and pain can be caused by a neck misalignment, which can also cause neck pain and headaches. Unlike prescription drugs, an upper cervical neck chiropractor in Salt Lake City focuses on correcting these issues to provide lasting relief.

The issue with relying on drugs as a remedy is that the relief is temporary and can worsen the pain. Taking medication to mask pain to play is very unsafe and can exacerbate the issue and make it worse. The reliance on medication will only worsen injuries or pain in the long run, so instead, choose to visit a professional.

Common Football and Soccer Injuries Involve the Neck

Salt Lake City is known for its love for soccer and football. The city is full of athletes and people that frequently take part in playing sports. This also means an increased demand for sports-related therapy, including neck treatments and headache treatments which can be improved by visiting an upper cervical chiropractor in Salt Lake City.

Soccer and football are very demanding sports for athletes to endure regularly, and it is very common for injuries to arise, especially if not treated correctly. One of the most typical injuries from soccer and football is concussions, as both sports require the head.

In soccer, an athlete must use their head to make contact with the ball at times, which can lead to severe injuries. Heading a ball means the head is coming into contact with something at great force and speed. A wrong movement or a slight inaccuracy of this activity can result in a concussion or severe neck pain in Salt Lake City. The brain and the body communicate with one another, and if the neck is unstabilized, it can interfere with this communication. A concussion can also injure the neck, so it’s essential to find proper care and treatment.

Football is one of the harshest sports on the body due to the amount of physical play involved. Tackling and the use of brute force is highly taxing on the body, and it’s hard to keep up with the amount of physical strain. Football is also well known for the dangers of brain injuries and the long-term effects that it can cause. The brain controls the body, so injuring it can lead to severe damage and other injuries. Concussions are a pervasive health issue for professional football athletes, and the neck is a vital part of maintaining and avoiding them. Aligning the neck also aligns the rest of the body, improving an athlete’s performance and preventing the risk of injuring the head.

Soccer also involves physical play like slide tackling and body checking, which heightens the risk of injuries. Professional soccer athletes are highly susceptible to injuries when playing on the field, so it is necessary to ensure the body is already strong and healthy to act as a preventative measure. Even if an athlete is experiencing minor pain or discomfort, they should resolve the issue before it worsens. Misalignment of the neck can cause pain that may seem unrelated, but often the problem stems from the neck.

Upper Cervical neck corrections by an upper cervical chiropractor in Salt Lake City correct the cause of the problem and may fix common health conditions include migraine headaches, sleep disorders, stress, vertigo, and high blood pressure. All of these conditions can significantly impact an athlete and lead to it worsening or causing an injury. Without proper sleep, especially for an athlete, the body cannot perform, especially for high-intensity sports. Conditioning and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule are significant factors in an athlete’s life, and not being adequately charged and energized can be a hindrance. Misalignments in the upper cervical spine can be a critical factor in many health problems, including sleep, so correcting this problem can solve many issues that significantly impact athletes.