Elevation Chiropractic Center’s Mission

Dr. Matt Jackson understands the science of changing lives.

Dr. Jackson’s sole purpose is to improve the brain-body neurological communication. One of the main things we hear our patients say is “We have tried everything and are desperate for something to work”. Because the Autism Spectrum has many causative factors, we focus on correcting the Neurological facet in our patients. By making sure that the brain and body are communicating properly, we can see the body make incredible changes to quality of life. Combined with the efforts of other professionals our patients see, we form a complete team focused on helping all the needs of our patients!

Why this phrase “Brain-Body Communication”? The Nervous System is responsible for coordinating the function of every cell, tissue and organ in the body. When this system is damaged, we see various compromises to ones health begin to take place. By choosing to focus solely on this system, we can see body wide improvements once proper communication is restored, and long term healing can take place.

“Ever since I was a boy scout, I’ve had the mentality of “leave it better than you found it”. My goal is to leave the Salt Lake Valley better than I found it”

– Matt Jackson
Eagle Scout 1999

515 E. 4500 S. #G230
Salt Lake City UT 84107