“It worsens with age” and More Back Pain Myths Debunked

it-worsens-with-age-and-more-back-pain-myths-debunkedYour back pain worsen as you age! Using a back belt protects your back from injury! A one-time event causes back pain! These and more back pain-related thoughts circulate but aren’t necessarily true. If you happen to be among the 80% of the population who suffer from back pain, your first step to recovery is to fact-check what you hear and not be quick to believe misinformation. Hanging on to these myths might hinder you from getting the treatment you need and worsen your condition.  

Back pain should not be taken lightly. It is one of the top causes of disability in the world. Its intensity can range from a dull ache to sharp, debilitating pain. Learning what back pain is (and what it is not) can get you back on the road to healing. In this post, we’ll set the record straight on some of the common misconceptions about back pain. We hope this helps you make well-informed decisions and get you back on your feet.

Myth #1: Back pain worsens as people age.

Although our bones and muscles deteriorate as we age, it happens slowly over time.  And really, the aches and pains that we feel are the results of bad habits. You can still live a pain-free life while aging if you practice the right habits such as staying active and hydrated, following an anti-inflammatory diet, and working on proper spinal movement and alignment to lower your risk of pain-related conditions.

Myth #2: Babying your back is the best pain management.

Being overprotective of your back can do more harm than good and increase your risk of injury and pain. Lack of exercise and resting for too long can decondition the spine and body further, thus making you more susceptible to suffering from chronic back pain. To strengthen your spine and maintain your health, stay active and get rid of a sedentary lifestyle. Light activities such as walking or stretching can help.

Myth #3: A one-time event is the most common cause of back pain.

People often believe that simply bending over or one wrong twist can cause back injury. While certain events may instantly injure your back, such as getting into a car or sports accident, most back pain progresses as a result of bad habits and wear and tear. Back pain often stems from things you’ve done a thousand times like overdoing a workout or having bad posture. It can be due to degeneration that has been happening over time.

Myth #4: Using a back belt protects my back from injury.

Back belts are often used by people who work in jobs that require frequent heavy lifting and by athletes who use it as extra support during weight lifting. However, the claim that using a back belt can reduce the chance of injury is not supported by scientific evidence. Back belts can do more damage because they give a false sense of security by encouraging people to lift heavier objects than they should.

Myth #5: Poor posture and back pain are not connected.

Poor posture is one of the common reasons why back pain develops and fails to get better. Sitting the whole day at work in a slouched position or leaning your head forward puts excessive pressure on your spine and spinal discs. Heavy lifting and improper lifting techniques are also culprits for lower back pain. Learn the proper lifting methods and avoid repetitive bending.

Getting Free from Back Pain

Back pain may be caused by many reasons, although mechanical factors are the most common source. Some people have a problem with the way the components of their spine work together. The spine is a flexible multipurpose structure that consists of bones, discs, muscles, and nerves. If any component doesn’t work correctly, it can result in pain and dysfunction of the entire system.

To feel better, getting to the bottom of your pain should be your priority. While therapies and medications such as pain-killers and anti-inflammatories provide help in short-term pain management, back pain will continue to trouble patients if the root cause is ignored.

“My Back Pain Still Persists Even After Taking Treatments!”

Have you tried upper cervical chiropractic care? Here at Elevation Chiropractic Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, we often encounter these words from our first-time patients but not after our upper cervical chiropractic treatment. We address the root cause of back pain, rather than cover up symptoms.

Back pain can arise when the atlas, the uppermost vertebrae in the spine, misaligns. It is the most susceptible to misalignment as it moves freely in many directions.

An atlas misalignment leads to domino effect of postural compensations. The head will be off tilt, forcing the shoulders and hips to accommodate.  Eventually, this results in stress in back muscles, added pressure on spinal joints and discs, and soreness in spinal nerves.

Through gentle realignment of the atlas, the body naturally returns to its good health, easing tension on muscles, bones, and nerves. If you’re needing back pain treatment in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area, visit our clinic or give us a call. Our method is painless and does not require loud popping or cracking of the spine. Come see what we can do for you!