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5 Things Most Doctors Won’t Tell You

Neurodevelopmental disorders are rising at an alarming rate. Autism, anxiety, OCD, ODD, ADHD, SPD…. the list goes on and on. Children and families are facing a tremendous epidemic. And while the health and well-being of our children is being significantly impacted; their quality of life, health and function can always be improved

Asthma and Upper Cervical

A properly functioning nervous system should be the first priority in solving asthma since it’s the nervous system which controls all bodily functions.

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The quality of healing from Fibromyalgia is directly proportional to the functional capability of the central nervous system to send and receive nerve messages.

Weight Lifting and Chiropractic

You cannot compete at your fullest if you are not in alignment, and your body cannot heal itself properly if your spine is not in alignment.

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Pediatric Headaches and UC Chiropractic

Spinal cord and brain-stem injuries occur often during the process of birth, but frequently escape diagnosis. Upper Cervical chiropractors are trained to specifically identify these vertebral injuries and/or misalignments.

Occupation Health and UC Chiropractic

On average, workers lose 4.6 hours per week of productive time due to a pain condition. Find out how your company can save money, keep your employees healthy and improve the experience in the office.

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