Top Ways Bad Posture Harms One’s Health

People may not know this, but bad postures can trigger sexual dysfunction, teeth grinding, and even fatigue. There is a reason people are told by their moms growing up that they need to sit up or stand up straight. The moms were right! Bad posture does indeed have a very negative effect on one’s overall health in the short and long run. When one has bad posture, it can stress the body’s other muscles and joints and overwork them. This often leads to increased fatigue levels and makes people seek chiropractic care in Salt Lake City. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the problems caused by bad posture.


When an individual has bad posture, it can create many health problems for them down the line. While some are manageable, others end up being rather severe. Sometimes, bad posture exacerbates arthritis, which most people don’t know. How does this happen? Bad posture leads to the misalignment of the knees or the spine, putting extra pressure on the knees. If someone already suffers from knee pain or arthritis, this can make things worse for them, and they may need to visit a chiropractic center in Salt Lake City.

Bad Circulation

Working from home is a significant factor contributing to bad posture, resulting in poor circulation in one’s body. When an individual is working from home and is sitting in a chair for hours a day, existing circulation problems can get worse. Those that are particularly healthy can develop new circulation problems. A solution would be to either invest in a rather costly ergonomic chair or seek a chiropractor for neck pain in Salt Lake City. When one sits in the same position for hours, it is possible that it can prevent their bodies from getting the circulation they need. Got varicose veins? Bad circulation due to bad posture could be the reason why!


When one has bad posture, it can negatively affect their overall energy levels. Bad posture does add tension and compression to structures that aren’t meant to handle it. When the strain builds up over time, it can wear down joints, ligaments, and bones. It’s not well known, but bad posture can even change the way muscles function. So, if someone is feeling fatigued way too quickly, it could be a sign that they have bad posture.


A lot of research has been conducted regarding poor posture, and it was found that it can have a bad impact on one’s mood. People may notice that when they sit upright, it shifts their whole energy. It increases the positivity inside of them, decreases self-focus, and the overall fatigue that they feel. This holds especially for people that suffer from depression.

Head Posture

When the head is aligned forward about one’s spine, what is known as forwarding head posture occurs. It is a rather common condition in people that have bad posture. In an ideal situation, one’s head and neck should align with their ear or shoulder when viewed from the side. As forward head posture occurs for an extended period, the individual suffering from it may develop tightening or weakening of certain muscles. This can lead to severe neck pain and muscle strain, and in more severe cases, tension headaches. Individuals suffering from this problem may need to seek a spinal chiropractor in Salt Lake City.

Excessive Jaw Pain

People may be familiar with what is called a temporomandibular joint syndrome. It is also known as TMJ. But, what they don’t know is that it can occur because of bad posture. When the spine is misaligned because of war posture, individuals can form an improper bite pattern. This is what affects the joints that caused his syndrome. These are the two joints that directly connect the jaw bone to the skull’s temporal bones. So, when one has a bad posture, it’s only natural that this problem occurs.

Difficulty Breathing

Breathing seems easy enough, right? If someone said that when your diaphragm does not have enough space in the thoracic cavity, individuals can experience difficulty breathing. Each breath becomes more and more difficult because there is no space. The ability to breathe and the space needed for it is increased when the body is lengthened is in proper alignment. When one has bad posture and has a misaligned spine, it can compromise their overall ability to breathe properly.

Tension Headaches

It may seem like a broken record at this point, but bad posture goes a long way to harm an individual. When one has bad posture, they have tightened neck muscles that comprise the overall natural curvature of their spine. When this happens, the result is severe headaches. If anyone experiences shooting pain radiating up to the head from the neck, it is a sign that one is experiencing a tension headache from bad posture.

Back and Shoulder Pain

Working from home, many people may have noticed that they experience terrible shoulder and back pain. Why does this happen? It is because of bad posture, of course! When the rotator cuff tendons press on the arch of one’s shoulder, the result is pain. Similarly, when the contraction of the lumbar muscles is shortened, it can lead to severe tightness in the lower back and cause pain.

This only shows just how important it is to have good posture overall. When one has a bad posture, it can lead to many problems down the line. While a lot of them may be fixed by getting chiropractic care, a lot of the problems become permanent. So before it reaches this point, individuals should practice self-care and Invest their time In figuring out what good posture means for them.